Yirro-plus® COMFORT system

Yirro-plus® COMFORT system – easy to install – manual ON/OFF switch

Use of Yirro-plus® COMFORT enables a comfortable continuous clear visual on your work area. Working indirectly will enable you to work in a better ergonomic working posture. Yirro-plus mirrors have ultra-high reflection and this allows you to work with less lamp light. You and your assistant will suffer noticeably less from eye fatigue. All Yirro-plus® mirrors and handles are multiple times reusable and easy to clean.

If you have exterior air on your dental unit, Yirro-plus® COMFORT is a plug&play product. The start set comes with 2 types of standard quick connectors. In most cases these connector can be plugged in right away.

If you do not have exterior air on the unit, do not worry, because you can easily connect to the 6mm air line of your compressor. A T-part quick connector is furnished in the start set.


  • Date December 10, 2014
  • Tags dental mirror system

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