Yirro-plus offers a continuous visual and superb reflection. Indispensable if you wish to improve your ergonomic working conditions. Yirro-plus dental mirrors are reusable, light-weight and easy to manipulate. Choose either for the manually switched COMFORT system or for the automatic PREMIUM system. The start set contains everything you need: 4 handles, 4 mirrors (2 sizes), a docking station and magnet air coupling, a cleaning box and autoclave caps. The system is universal: it can be mounted on any dental unit. Connect this universal system to 3-6 bar (45-90 PSI) compressed air. Many dentists all over the world use this supurb air flow mirror. If you also wish to experience a continuous visual, choose for Yirro-plus!
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    • Date November 19, 2019
    • Tags integration examples, dental mirror system

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