Yirro-plus® PREMIUM system – full automatic ON/OFF switch

Use of Yirro-plus® PREMIUM offers a high-end experience from a comfortable continuous clear visual on your work area. Lifting the mirror will enable the air flow right away, and placing it back in the docking will immediately stop the air flow. If you prefer, you can switch on and off by an additional foot pedal. Working indirectly will enable you to work in a better ergonomic working posture. Yirro-plus® mirrors offer ultra-high reflection, enabling you to work with decreased lamp light. Consequently, you and the assistant will experience noticeably less eye fatigue. All Yirro-plus® mirrors and handles are multiple times reusable and easy to clean.

Yirro-plus® PREMIUM is to be connected to 100-240VDC and to 3-6 bar (45-90 PSI) compressed air. The start set comes with four handles, 2 mirrors size 0 and 2 mirrors size 2, a docking station, a magnet coupling, cleaning accessoires and everything to connect and install.