COMBIPACK Yirro-plus® Comfort  + Lottago®:
- Startset Yirro-plus COMFORT
- Startset Lottago OR 4-PACK Lottago

The best of both worlds for dental professionals - 
A continuous clear image by use of Yirro-plus® Comfort, combined with the ergonomic use of jaw support Lottago with integrated suction. No need for a helping hand because you benefit both from continuous clear image and from automatic suction. Switching ON/OFF the air of the mirror by a manual toggle switch.

A controllable air flow is continuously cleaning your ultra reflective compact Yirro-plus mirror, and the saliva and aerosoles are eliminated by Lottago jaw support.  

The many advantages for solo workers are:
• significant less work load [no heavy big suction to hold]
• ergonomic working posture [indirect clear visual]
• re-usable tools, economic solution
• patient friendly design
• integrated suction
• continuous clear image on mirror
• ultra-reflective mirror

Specifications of Yirro-plus® and Lottago:
Yirro-plus Manual ON/OFF switching by a toggle.
Controllable air flow by a turn knob on the air regulator.
Coupling of the handle with compressed air by use of an air-tight magnet coupling
Connection independent from the unit to 3-6 bar compressed air (coming from your compressor)

Do you have an external air connection? 
> The Yirro-plus® Comfort Set can be connected directly to an external air point [on the wall or on the unit] by use of the included quick connector. NOTE: there are two types of quick connectors: NW 2.7 [included in Comfort start set NW 2.7] and polymale [included in Comfort start set polymale].

Content of the COMBIPACK Yirro-plus Comfort + Lottago:
EITHER: 2 Lottago jaw supports +2 connectors  OR: 4 Lottago jaw supports [Choose preferred option in the Menu]
- 4 Yirro-handles from light weight plastic.
- 2x2 UHR Yirro-mirror heads in size no. 0 [2x] and no. 2 [2x].
- Stainless steel Yirro-plus cleaning box
- 4 noSPOT Autoclave caps.
- Yirro-docking to be positioned on delivery unit or at other suitable location of your choice
- Yirro-docking adaptor for integration in spare slot of delivery unit for Adec, Kavo, Anthos and Planmeca (for other type of units, separate adaptors are available).
- Mobile Yirro-docking holder.
- Yirro air regulator with manual ON/OFF switch and turn knob for control of air flow
- Quick connecter of your choice : NW2.7 or Polymale 1/4"
- Connection supply: 2,5m flexible PU Ø4mm hose, quick connector T6-6-4mm, PU 6mm hose

Yirro-plus® accessoires
For connection with included quick connector NW2.7 or Polymale 1/4" you will need a NW2.7 or Polymale external air connection. Check on your unit if you have external air available. An external air connection set is separately available as article 0377 or 0530; in case you order an external air connection set together with your Start set, you will receive a 15% discount on its normal price.
For integration of Yirro-plus® with your delivery unit, special adaptors are available; in case you order your special adaptor together with your Start set, you will receive a 15% discount on its normal price. 

Class and Marking
Both the Yirro-plus® dental mirror system and the Lottago jaw support are a class 1 medical device, CE marked.

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COMBIPACK Yirro-plus® Comfort + Lottago®

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