- startset Yirro-plus PREMIUM 
- startset Lottago OR 4-pack Lottago

The best of both worlds for solo-working dental professionals -
A continuous clear image by use of Yirro-plus® Premium, combined with the ergonomic use of jaw support Lottago with integrated suction. No need for a helping hand because you benefit both from continuous clear image and from automatic suction. ON / OFF switching of the air at Premium is done automatically by taking out / placing out of the mirror in the docking.

A controllable air flow is continuously cleaning your ultra reflective compact Yirro-plus mirror, and the saliva and aerosoles are eliminated by Lottago jaw support.  

The many advantages for solo workers are:
• significant less work load [no heavy big suction to hold]
• ergonomic working posture [indirect clear visual]
• re-usable tools, economic solution
• patient friendly design
• integrated suction
• continuous clear image on mirror
• ultra-reflective mirror

Specifications of Yirro-plus and Lottago
Automatic ON/OFF by a magnet sensor in the docking and a solenoid air valve.
Controllable air flow by a turn knob on the air regulator.
Coupling of the handle with compressed air by use of an air-tight magnet coupling. 
Connection independent from the unit to 3-6 bar compressed air (coming from your compressor).
The Yirro-plus® Premium Set can be connected to the compressed air of your compressor by the included quick connector T6-6-4mm.
Connection of the solenoid air valve to 90-240VAC/50-60Hz. 
Biocompatible jaw support.
Disconnectable suction hose during use.

Content of the Combi-pack:
YOU CAN CHOOSE: EITHER 2x Lottago jaw support with 2x connector OR: 4x Lottago jaw support [choose your option in the menu]
- 4 Yirro-handles from light weight plastic.
- 2x2 UHR Yirro-mirror heads in size no. 0 [2x] and no. 2 [2x].
- Stainless steel Yirro-Cleaning box
- 4 noSPOT Autoclave Caps for mirrors
- Yirro-docking to be positioned on delivery unit or at other suitable location of your choice
- Yirro-docking adaptor for integration in spare slot of delivery unit for Adec, Kavo, Anthos and Planmeca (for other type of units, separate adaptors are available).
- Mobile Yirro-docking Holder.
- Yirro Air regulator with automatic ON/OFF switch and turn knob for control of air flow.
- Connection supply to connect Yirro to 90-240VAC by use of a medical power adaptor in a power socket or terminal block.
- Yirro Air/Power supply box.
- Connection supply: 2,5m flexible Silicon 9mm hose, quick connector T6mm, PU 6mm hose.

Yirro-plus accessoires
For integration of Yirro-plus® with your delivery unit, special adaptors are available; in case you order your special adaptor together with your Start set, you will receive a 15% discount on its normal price.
With the optional Foot Pedal, you can turn the airflow on or off during treatment without disconnecting the magnetic coupling handle.  in case you order the optional Foot Pedal together with your Start set, you will receive a 15% discount on its normal price.

Class and Marking
Both the Yirro-plus® dental mirror system and the Lottago jaw support are a class 1 medical device, CE marked. 
The 24V Medical Power Adaptor for connection to 90-240 VAC/50-60Hz is according to IEC/EN60601-1.

more information on Yirro-plus

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COMBIPACK Yirro-plus® Premium + Lottago®

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