ergoTOS® - mobile dental chair

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The ergoTOS mobile treatment chair offers dental professionals a possibility to position an elderly patient in a correct treatment position, quickly and comfortably. Due to the armrests and extra deep adjustability of the head rest, ergoTOS is suitable for the elderly patients. This dental patient chair is mobile, foldable and easy to lift.

The folding frame of the ergoTOS mobile chair is upholstered with removable smooth upholstery, resistant to disinfectant detergents. Both front legs and rear legs automatically fixate when unfolded by use of a click system. The arm supports are secured with one handle. You can adjust the practical head rest in height by simply pulling it out or pushing it in; for the depth adjustment/canting you can use the 1-lever operable adjuster. In order to comfortably bring your patient from sitting position into a lying position  and vice versa, you operate the lever. As soon as you release the lever, the chair position is locked.

This chair is foldable and comes with a practical and sturdy storage bag for transport. The chair can be disinfected by use of usual detergents. Weight: 14 kg.

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