first class performance by DHM-dental

Ergonomic products for dentistry; suitable for all professional users, offering seamless implementation into daily workflow; economic benefits, chair time reduction, long durability, practical in use, easy in reprocessing.
Yirro-plus® Ultimate vision

Yirro-plus® dental mirror system is a revolutionary concept of a self cleaning dental mirror based on a controllable air flow cleaning the mirror surface. Read more…

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Medical-D®  Quick and easy dental imaging!

Creating dental pictures was never so easy as by use of the Medical-D® Macro Ringflash camera

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upright work position
ergoTOS®  Go mobile!

Ergonomic foldable dental patient chair for mobile dentistry. Practical arm rests; head support with maximal freedom of movement

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Hello big brother no.2XL!

We proudly introduce Yirro-plus® mirror no. 2XL: this extra LONG mirror is very suitable for periodontology and / or photography. Its longer shape offers you a visual of upto 3 elements….Read more..
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VADASZ magnet
VADASZ magnet  – just say no to mini-grabbers!

Apex localization was never so easy and hygienic as by use of the VADASZ magnet. Simply remove your mini-grabber and click the magnet to your magnetic tweezers.

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Lottago® jaw support – ideal for solo workers

Solo workers in oral hygiene have to decide: do I use the high speed suction or mirror? It is difficult to manipulate both simultaneously. read more.

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